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Rated 1 out of 5


Hi Best Express,

I had made total 5 call to the Customer Service Line 03-8703 3101,

2:04 pm-Apr 8 2023

4:31 pm-Apr 8 2023

5:22 pm-Apr 8 2023

9:05 am-Apr 9 2023

12:09 pm-Apr 9 2023 ( Please investigate this call possibility call avoidance) was about providing a tracking number and there is no response.

12:10 pm -Apr 9 2023

1 live chat and sent an email regarding this issue.

Tracking number : 60850359719894

I was expecting this parcel to arrive on 14 Apr 2023 as what i arranged with CaiNiao china due to nobody being at home during the working day (Monday to Thursday).

However, based on my tracking number provided at 8/4/2023 10.59am it stated there was delivery on its way ( from Balakong ) . I was relieved that I could actually receive the parcel during the weekend, so I no need to worry about when it will arrive.

I had called customer service at 2:04 pm to confirm if they were really doing the delivery yesterday. They had confirmed it. So I decided to wait for another 1 to 2 hours as I totally understand that the driver could be busy delivering other stuff.

But I waited for 2 hours, still no news. I decided to make a second call , also they said the same old thing, this time i asked the agent to provide a contact number of the driver, but they failed to provide it due to the driver not providing the contact number to the station. This is absurd! How can such a logistic company driver not leave his/ her contact number so i can reach the driver to check its status.

An hour later , I called again with no news and they were unable to provide the information I needed and stated the station had closed. So during my first and second attempt , why did they not contact the station when I really needed to contact the driver in the first place?

I tried to reach a live chat and request them to escalate this issue, their reply was very slow and it feels like they do not take my matter seriously. Had requested them to send an email to me to prove that escalation was made. But nothing! At this point I had lost confidence in your company!

I decided not to continue waiting after 6:00 pm because it started raining very badly. It’s such a waste of time.And i don’t expect delivery will occur after 7pm I went out and did my thing and in the end found out that delivery attempted at 10pm sharp! And most importantly it seems like your company was making fun of me!!

April Fool’s Day is 9 days ago! Your system update :


【SGKJG】 courier 【124110】 has registered as a problem item 【Nobody home due to holidays】, please contact the courier 【0123456789】 in time

Are you trying to pull a prank on your customer by asking me to contact 0123456789??

At this point I am really angry and disappointed with your service ? How can a logistic company provide such a low class service to a customer. How can your company even get a partnership with CaiNiao??

I had sent a complaint / escalation email to your company. In which, I hope next they will receive and respond to my case immediately.

I contacted your customer service again in the morning today. Besides apologizing, what can your staff do? They said the station is closed and cannot reach the driver. At least do something to update your system or even trace the source of the update, you should be able to find the driver information from it. Indeed they had filed a report which i dont think is very effective.

I continue to reach the live chat agent again, feel disgusted by their service when only they seen my message and keep apologizing. They said they will expedite this order, so I give them one final chance to make this delivery successful by today before 3pm. THEY CANNOT DO IT.

I made a second follow up call on this case at today 12:09 pm, I calmly provide my tracking number, but it seems like they try to avoid my call as i provide a few number nobody continue to respond,

Call attempt successful at 12:10pm, they keep saying they cannot do anything to escalate this matter! Must wait for tomorrow’s delivery attempt. The agent also tries to shut my call very quickly, I don’t even mention any vugular words and words with profanity. PLEASE RAISE A COMPLAINT ON THIS CALL TOO!

The reason I am writing this full essay is because I’m not satisfied, unhappy, and angry about your poor customer handling skills.

First of all,

I believe my instruction was very clear when I asked CaiNiao to send this instruction,

To deliver this parcel on 14th Apr as no one is at home during the working day.

If you guys can’t make it on 8/4/2023, then don’t give your customer false hope and blind deliver at night because no logistic company ever deliver parcel during night unless given a special instruction

From Balakong to Sg long? How long does it take? 11 hours of delivery time, this is very poor ETA handling. Why didn’t the driver not contact me when he was planning to deliver it so late? I don’t know what your driver is going to do with my parcel, if there is any slightest damage I’ll surely report it to Consumer Rights!

Last but not least, 0123456789 , Where is your company professionalism? You really treat your customer like a fool!

#BestExpressMalaysia please relay this post to your top management! This complaint should not be avoided! I Demand compensation for my loss of time waiting for this parcel to arrive! And apologies that you demonstrated an unprofessional delivery. Don’t make me escalate this problem to the consumer right!

Avatar for David
Rated 0 out of 5

Please la tukar nama best ni ke ‘bad’ express.tersangatlah buruk servisnya.status dari post out for delivery tiba² blh jd postpone, alasannya ( customer yang minta tangguh).2,3 hari duk repeat benda yang sama.apa kau buat jeruk pekasam dulu ke barang kami tu??

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Rated 1 out of 5

Delivery man so lazy to send my parcel at my office level, he will left at lobby only. It always deliver at the wrong tome (not during office hour) and keep delayed for few days. For three days it said out of delivery and status change parcel delivered BUT I DID NOT RECEIVE ANYTHING. Frustrated with “BEST” courier service 😡

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Rated 1 out of 5


Avatar for Gay
Rated 0 out of 5

Encourage all the people don’t use this BEST EXPRESS LOGISTIC SERVICE

Avatar for Nick
Rated 1 out of 5

Very bad!!!! Waiting so long time and after told me the parcel lost edy

Izit the staff stole our parcel????????

Avatar for Jayden
Rated 1 out of 5

negative 5 stars i would give. USELESS. SUCK, BAD COURIER SERVICE EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. stupid courier. stupid agent bukit bintang. suck, close down la weyyyyy

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Rated 1 out of 5

If i could give it negative stars, I would.

Parcel arrived at hub on 17/11/22.

Today, 23/12/22, more than a month later, still haven’t received my parcel.

Yes I’ve filed multiple complaints.

Same response everytime.

“Parcel is not available to be self collected, we will escalate the issue and get it delivered to you within 3-5 working days”.


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Rated 0 out of 5

Servis mcm babi…

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