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Rated 1.1 out of 5
1.1 out of 5 stars (based on 35 reviews)
Very good0%

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Rated 1.0 out of 5

Ninjavan always failed…..very bad courier among others courrier available at malaysia …i just dont understand why other shopping platform still cooperate with ninjavan….? let them improve their svc 1st….ninjavan is a black spot….will spoiled all those platform working with them…..

Avatar for faizul
Rated 0.0 out of 5

Ninja van courier biadap ehh saya pastikan xkan terima parcel dri ninja van biadap sungguh dia chat kita terus jawab bila tanya dalam kul bape senyap mulut die berjam jam menunggu die bagi tau kul bape kau orang keje nak menunggu kat kau jer bila shoping online kena tanya dulu xnak guna ninja van menyampah dah kaki perap biadap pula pekerja,nye

Avatar for Anonymous
Rated 1.0 out of 5

“Your parcel has arrived at sorting facility”

my parcel “has arrived at sorting facility” EVERYDAY for the past 3 weeks! What the heck are you even doing there ninja van??! Can you sellers please stop using this crappy courier service? MY GOD! My items from China arrived before yours weiiii!

Avatar for Anonymous
Rated 1.0 out of 5

Very bad service, keep dragging parcel and the sender is very bad attitude throwing parcel until damage

Avatar for Lim Thong soon
Lim Thong soon
Rated 1.0 out of 5

Jangan pakai servis bodoh ni,semua janji kosong dan penipu.Konfem buat kau terasa nak bakar ofis ninja ni je

Avatar for Gog
Rated 1.0 out of 5


feedback cuba dapat pakai email.. reply ada.. tapi semua empty promise..

confirm esok hantar lar… sorry lar… jamin esok sampai lar… last last hantar lain city..

akan hantar balik lar…

kami dipusing dia tu… 2 minggu!!!! belum lagi dapat sekarang! parcel yang customer minta order.. dah cancel order dah

Avatar for NINJA78
Rated 0.0 out of 5

Good service 2000 times better compare to Flashexpress. Might delayed 1 or 2 day late however the parcel will reach home safely, courier guy always polite.

Avatar for Shaa asi
Shaa asi
Rated 1.0 out of 5

Initially I thought sp express is the most lousy one as the delivery super slow…but ninjavan definitely beat them up on lousy ranking…for the bosses that are listening..its not the hotline/customer service that are lousy, its the delivery service itself is lousy. The customer service did a great job explaining things but when comes to status of delivery, its outrageous…where in the world you can find courier status assigned driver to send items on that day but kickback to hub on the next day status, then reassigned driver few days then no-show again, kick back to hub on the next day status…the item is in hub already oiii when called to hotline the lady said it needs 1-3 days to even self-collect…what can we do as an user…there literally nothing an user can do when being assigned courier service like this…J&T so far the best then Pos Laju then SP Express then lastly Ninjavan for my honest rating ahh….btw Im user in Kota Kinabalu area…they knw alrdy they are short of staffs there…

Avatar for Darren
Rated 1.0 out of 5

Very bad experiences with this courier service… tak patut dapat even 1 star pun… kita tunggu seharian coz brg tu cod item… smpai ke mlm x dpt2 brg… tgok dlm sistem depa blh remark customer x nak terima brg coz x prepared duit cod… korok hang ninja van oii!!! Bile Aku call no tipon budak courier ninjavan, bini nye yg pick up.. rupenye patah mesti courier man geng takut bini…mmg mcm sial!!! Nyusahkan org betul la!! Aku x angin klu hangpa ade problem x blh hantar ontime yg aku berapi ni pasal hangpa fitnah customer x mau terima brg!! Dasar ba alif ba ya la!! Blacklist ninja van service!!! Red flag!!!

Avatar for Anonymous
Rated 1.0 out of 5

Ninja Van Damaged My Parcel but they claimed that the seller was the one who Did Not Pack properly! How did Ninja Van Stickers happened to be Plastered on the Box? The Box was obviously Crashed by The Terrible Handling of the Ninja Van Staff! Even a Kid will Know just by looking at the Badly Damaged Box!!!

Terrible Reply from Ninja Van “Customer Service”:

“Thanks for reaching out to us!

We are sorry to learn that you received an improper packaging parcel.

We would like to inform you that Ninja Van did not pack your parcel, as the seller packed the item. Please get in touch with the seller directly to learn more about their return procedure/policy.”

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Do Not Use Ninja Van

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