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J&T Express review

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Rated 0.6 out of 5
0.6 out of 5 stars (based on 69 reviews)
Very good0%

Latest J&T Review

Rated 1 out of 5

The customer service hotline was bloody slow. Phone ring for 5 minutes before telling me they cannot reach, line is busy

I work for customer service by the way, complains from buyers about JnT being slow happens on a DAILY basis.

Rating for service, if can I give between ZERO to NEGATIVE INFINITY

Avatar for Rob
Rated 0 out of 5

My parcel was hold for so long. Dahlah hantar kek. bukan main bhgn kaunter kata sampai 4-5 days. Apalh nasib kek tu, org dh tunggu2 nak merasa tau. Tutup je lh J&T kalau macam ni service korang. Menyesal pakai service korang.

Avatar for Anonymous
Rated 1 out of 5

Can the service suck even more? Yes, if you’re using JnT, they can suck infinitely until the end of time

F*** you JnT, f*** you and your f***** sh** service

Avatar for BB Lee
BB Lee
Rated 2 out of 5

13/3/23 – late delivery 600537865295

Pickup from Kelantan on 10/3/23

Reach BDR tenggara 12/3/22 6:47 am

Package was keep at your office one day not deliver no call simply update system remarks as customer asked deliver next day

Do not keep customer parcel too long

Do not update any remarks without customer inform


I paid your service

Avatar for Mahani Samion
Mahani Samion
Rated 0 out of 5

Sadly most comments are true… Kuantan operator just throw food parcel in the compound of the house. Why not just place the parcel on top of gate to avoid animal ??

Avatar for Mohd Khamir
Mohd Khamir
Rated 0 out of 5

Jnt is the worst delivery service ever my parcel indicates Fragile. Box full of stickers and tape with fragile written but they delivered the items shattered Into tiny bits of pieces.

Avatar for Julie
Rated 0 out of 5

I’m not satisfied with J&T service. I should received the item by 24th March 2023 but the despatch rider sent to the wrong house. According to picture attached, the house is not mine. So what should I do, J&T please take action as soon as possible.

Avatar for Hasnah Mokhtar
Hasnah Mokhtar
Rated 1 out of 5

The worst courier company in Malaysia. Delayed my parcel for 2 weeks. Gave me empty promises twice yet not deliver. They don’t even worth one star. Lousy to the max!

Avatar for Kev
Rated 1 out of 5

Doesnt Even deserve One star. Their service is crap Even in cities! Delayed delivery for 4 days, When my parcel from KL already reached the next day! Whats worse is the parcel already reached the city thdee days ago but is undelivered. theyve gone way past the ETA period. Puting that aside, i am personally Going to collect my parcel from that 311 branch today but the website gave two different address links!!! What terrible System!

Avatar for Anonymous
Rated 1 out of 5

Poor customer service. On hold for several days. Not recommemded

Avatar for Pris Michael
Pris Michael

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